Potassium Fulvate Flakes Organic Fertilizer
Potassium Fulvate Flakes Organic Fertilizer
Product Details

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Product namePotassium Humate Fulvic Shiny Flake
SourceYoung Active Leonardite Source
Appearance:Black Brown Shiny Flake
Humic Acid60%-65%
Fulvic Acid15%-20%
Potassium (dry basis)14%-16%
Water Solubility100%

Potasium Humate (Flake)
Essential Amendents of the soil 
Enhance Soil Sturcture
Increase Crops Yield and Quality
Improve Overal Plant Health.
Please noted: Potassium Fulvate / Fulvic Potassium mixing with our trace elements nutrients are much better functions. We can provide OEM service for special required Bio Fertilizers. B&J Green Agro Fertilizer, your professional supplier for Biofertilizers.
[Application Method]
1. Direct use as organic potash fertilizer to spray, seed soak, dip root etc
2.Mix with other fertilizer to use together.
[Big Difference]
Compare with other potash fertilizer, it can improve fertilizer
utilization 87%-95%. Improve quantity and quality of crops.