Water Soluble Fertilizer

Water soluble fertilizer (Water Soluble Fertilizer, WSF for short) is a multi compound fertilizer can be completely soluble in water, it quickly dissolves in the water, more easily absorbed by the crops, and its relatively high absorption and utilization, more critical is that it can be applied to facilities such as spray irrigation agriculture, realize the integration of water and fertilizer to achieve water efficiency of fertilizer ... Compared to the traditional varieties such as superphosphate, granulated compound fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer has obvious advantages. Its main feature is less, easy to use, low cost, faster absorption, nutrient utilization ratio is extremely high. In this way, people can be designed based on the characteristics of demand for crop nutrients formulation, scientific formula will not result in a waste of fertilizer, makes its utilization is about 2-3 times the conventional compound fertilizers (in China, the common compound fertilizer only for 30%-40%), Secondly, water soluble fertilizer is a quick-acting fertilizer allows growers to quickly see the effect of fertilizer and anytime depending on the crop growth adjustments to fertilizer. Water soluble fertilizer application method is very simple, it can include irrigation water sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation methods, such as fertilizer, which saves water and fertilizer savings, but also saves labor, which in today's rising labor costs used water-soluble fertilizers benefit is obvious. Because the water-soluble fertilizer application method is with water irrigation, so fertilization is uniform, which also lay a solid foundation for improving yield and quality. Water-soluble fertilizers generally fewer impurities, low electrical conductivity, concentration is very easy to adjust, so it is safe even for young seedlings, without fear of burning seedlings and other adverse consequences.