To Declare War On Chemical Fertilizer And Green Agriculture Model

In humans long after the slash-and-burn, 40 's of last century, petrochemicals Agriculture began in Japan, as the second world war the defeated country Japan, in order to resolve the shortage of food and agricultural products, extensive use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, so that food production can be a historic breakthrough, fertilizers to solve the famine after the war, made Khan the credit. From then on, the widely used fertilizer in the world.
However, it also brought disaster to mankind. Due to the development of the chemical fertilizer industry, tall chimney smoke, undermines the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, the Earth's greenhouse effect warms the Earth, melting glaciers, sea level rise, floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, rain warning to humanity, the Earth would be destroyed at the hands of humans.
Due to the extensive use of fertilizers, soil compaction, erosion, especially the use of herbicides, many of fertile land becomes barren, land desertification, salinization, and more serious.
The heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides has seriously polluted the water, especially the fish to the water a lot of fertilizer, water eutrophication, River and lake water is unfit to drink, a large number of wildlife migration, without water, and finally not one drop of fresh water on Earth, there is only water from space, the Earth will become a lifeless world.
The heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides, but also led to a decline in the quality of agricultural products, scientists warned that rising incidences of associated with the rising usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, to reveal the SARS and bird flu, human's living environment has been seriously threatened. Protecting our home, protect our land, protecting our mother rivers, protect our environment, this is the call of history.