Revitalizing Green Agriculture, Promote The Development Of Organic Fertilizer

With the development of China's agricultural economy as a whole, overall, crop production has been halted and overcome. In this context, green Agriculture began to enter China's agricultural agenda. And promote the development of organic fertilizer industrialization process, it was necessary to revitalize the Green agricultural measures. Facing the rapid development of organic status, and to problems, and put forward suggestions for improvement.
1, low entry threshold for commodity organic fertilizer: the current product standards of organic fertilizers including organic-inorganic compound fertilizer GB18877-2002 standards and NY525-2002 standards for organic fertilizer. Strictly speaking, the two standards are quite extensive. Therefore recommended that the relevant departments to refine organic standard, with different water, organic matter content, including fulvic acid, special active ingredients such as amino acids, respectively, established standards, forming multiple levels of commodity organic fertilizer in the market and ensure fair and standardized development of the industry as a whole.
2, market supervision is not enough: the market circulation of organic fertilizer mixed and even includes a large number of inferior products to the development of the organic industry has had a very bad effect. Advice on market circulation of commodity organic fertilizer in accordance with the measures for the administration of registration of fertilizer and other related laws of strict management to ensure healthy development of organic fertilizer industry.
3, high railway freight rates. Since the beginning of 2002 established organic standards, Ministry of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer of organic fertilizers are defined as organic chemicals, only 5th rates. In rail transport than other 2nd number of the inorganic fertilizers to enjoy tariff paid 1 time for shipping. Recommended organic fertilizer production enterprises and related management organizations should join hands, organic fertilizer through formal channels enjoy normal agricultural freight work.
Products of organic fertilizer industrialization in China is still in an early stage of development, has broad prospects and market opportunities. But it was not to be ignored, organic fertilizer industry development is not balanced and not standardized, further guidance and support is needed.