Humic Acid As A Green Fertilizer In Agriculture Wide Application Prospect

First time 1 786, humic acid from the soil, and so far the research has a history of more than 200 years. China had some early work at early in the late 1950 of the 20th century, 60, but is really encouraged and promoted by the State after the middle of the 70 's, has been more than twenty or thirty years. Especially in recent years, under the unremitting efforts of the broad masses of scientific and technological workers, utilization of humic acid has made considerable progress, research and application of humic acid fertilizer has made new progress.
Making humic acid liquid fertilizer. After due to humic acid is sprayed on the foliage, and can make the leaf pores smaller, water evaporation, enhancing crop drought resistance ability of humic acids has been mainly as a component of plant regulator used for fertilizer, are widely used in agriculture. From December 1997 to July 2001 so far registered with the Ministry of agriculture in China has 53 companies of various forms of foliage fertilizer.
World corn cob prepared by nitric acid oxidation of ammonia in a 10% a 14% a new type of liquid humic acid fertilizer. Modification of peat humic acid extracted, dissolved in water to join major and trace elements mixture of liquid manure, fertilizer in vegetables can improve the quality of vegetables, increase yields 20%. In solution of humic acid compound complex nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements, copper, iron, zinc, manganese and other trace elements in humic acid plant nutrient solution can be made of soil, ammonia, phosphorus and potassium increase the efficiency, crop growing irritation, increase productivity and improve the quality of agricultural products and so on.
Biotechnology fulvic acid is developed in recent years, the success of a new product. As can full using its molecular volume small, and biological activity high, and water dissolved sex good, and anti-hard water capacity strong and river and capacity strong, features, made biological technology yellow rot acid micro-fertilizer, is both can added crop by needed of trace elements, and can play yellow rot acid on plant of growth regulation role, than traditional rot plant acid class foliar fertilizer more has improve crop trace elements absorption rate, and enhanced resistance sex, and anti-hard water capacity strong, advantage and the features. Research and development of such liquid fertilizers on agricultural water conservation and improve the quality and yield of crops are of great significance.
In addition, a stalk of Aloe Vera to make of explants in vitro culture, discusses the influence of humic acids on tissue culture of Aloe Vera. Results show that humic acids can significantly improve the sprouting of axillary bud proliferation rate and coefficients, and can promote the root and leaf growth of seedlings. Result humic acid in plant tissue culture and rapid propagation on should have good prospects.
Manufacture of humic acid compound fertilizer. Tradition of humic acid compound fertilizer production is primarily a physical mixing process also can be accompanied by small amounts of a chemical reaction between materials, namely the peat contains humic acid, and inorganic fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, according to production needs, with proportional, then grind the full mix, mix together to make material more evenly. Such fertilizer has a significant effect, has attracted attention and users in General. At present, such humic acid compound fertilizer is the main form of solid humic acid fertilizer being to long-term development in the direction of high concentration, specialization,.
Humic acid compound fertilizer in our country in recent years, there has been new development in production of humic acid compound fertilizer development company. Products most of total nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content in 20%-25%, SOM ≥ 20%, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, iron, and boron ≥ 16%, O each trace element. 2%, humic acids, and 3% or 10%. Experiments show that humic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, four humic acid sodium salt has a stimulating effect on crop growth, and the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements work well.
Humic acid compound fertilizer production technology improvement and expansion of its production method and the choice of materials used has also been significant progress, mainly in:
1. traditional fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are added based on bacteria, produced fertilizer, making towards diversified development of nutrient elements in compound fertilizer, improve the efficiency of fertilizer, rice can be the average yield of 1 0%.
2. organic compound urea humic acid urea compounds as, both quick-impact and the effect of nitrogen, is a slow-release urea, which can be used in the preparation of sustained-release matrix of special compound fertilizer and helps increase efficiency by humic acid on serum ammonia, biological activity and other ecological effects. In addition of humic acid and urea interactions and structure of products also has a certain amount of progress.
3. develop stable new type of compound fertilizers with Ammonium bicarbonate as the subject. Nitrogen mainly consisting of urea, hydrogen carbonate, which accounted for 90% of total nitrogen. Bicarbonate is a unique nitrogen species, with adequate supply and low prices, efficiency, adaptability and soil without side effects and so on. But because of its easy absorption, decomposition, volatile, easy caking, difficult to store, short period, low nitrogen content less than, restricts the application of further. So the modification of its research and development is of great significance.
4. mechanism of phosphorus adsorption of humic acid with new advances, the increased utilization of phosphorus fertilizer and making important new adsorbent of dephosphorization of waste water.
In addition, the wuhai municipal chemical limited liability company small batch for a soluble Humate paste fertilizer widely used in tea, fruits and vegetables, crops, not only yield was increased, and overcome the drawbacks of powdered fertilizer and liquid fertilizers, has the certain reference value.
Humic acid fertilizer in the future development is advancing along the general trend of the development of chemical fertilizers. Humic acid production is the use of power in our country, as well areas of utilization for fertilizer to make a big push and contribution.