Green Agriculture Fertilizer Synergist

It is reported that currently nearly 2000 enterprises engaged in production of new types of fertilizer, 1/3 per cent of total national fertilizer production enterprises, mostly SMEs, large enterprises only accounts for around 10%. Bai Youlu says, President of Chinese society of plant nutrition and fertilizer, grain output in China to achieve a "11 even increase", but yield food year after year at the same time, environmental and soil comes at a heavy price. Fertilizers, pesticides, plastic sheeting and other agricultural products caused by the improper use of agricultural non-point source pollution is increasing, decline in farmland soil organic matter and heavy metals exceeded, these have become the bottleneck of agricultural sustainable development in China. By 2020, the Ministry of agriculture fertilizers and pesticides to achieve "zero-growth", Ministry of science and technology presented "applying efficiency reduction" goal. Achieving these two goals only through fertilizers, fertilization and agrochemical service innovation, increase the service instructions on fertilizer technique of fertilizer, which is building a modern agriculture, food security, an important way to reduce environmental risk.
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Division researcher b. q. Zhao from China fertilizer industry, fertilizer science and technology innovation, development of value-added fertilizer three directions describing the new fertilizer industry in China "quality instead of quantity" is necessary. He stressed that China changes from acceleration of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, a number of large and medium enterprises in the new fertilizer development, production and marketing take on heavy responsibilities. Future of fertilizer production, learning and research, push the focus should be on how to improve fertilizer efficiency rather than raise the level of fertilization. Cao Yiping, a professor at China Agricultural University from years of experience of agrochemical service for farmers form their own view on the development of new fertilizers, in her view, the new application need to be strengthened in China insist that allowing farmers to fertilizer use, and ultimately benefit must reach the last kilometer of agricultural services. Zhang Chenglin, a professor at South China Agricultural University believes that liquid manure has characteristics of cost-saving and efficiency from its production, sale and use of suitable for China, and has broad prospects.