Development Of Organic Fertilizer, Boosting Green Agriculture

In recent years, a lot of attention to science and technology innovation of enterprises have also begun to develop organic fertilizer industries. Batian company has always adhere to the development and utilization of industrial and agricultural waste to turn waste into fertilizer, development of organic fertilizer, loam fumin road, and achieved good results. Article introduces the four cornerstones of development of commercial organic fertilizer: organic waste and efficient use of technology, microorganism fertilizer technology, mycorrhizal development and application of fertilizer, using technology to treatment of municipal sludge organic fertilizer. In terms of service, is done: first establish the brand, to create "green agricultural special fertilizer" brand, improve farmers ' understanding of the relationship between the quality of agricultural products and human health, foster the concept of nutrition of the food chain, achieve the effect of organic fertilizer on the important role of improving the quality of agricultural products. Followed by the industrialization base of production base of green food and cash crops, providing formula fertilization by soil testing services, according to the relevant criteria for green food production, organic fertilizer, choose high quality organic fertilizer and bio-fertilizers to determine a reasonable amount. In addition, actively promoting organic fertilizer to farmers planting knowledge, enable farmers to understand and rationally applying organic fertilizer is to improve the quality of agricultural products, and measures to ensure the sustainable development of agriculture. To promote the sound and rapid development of organic fertilizer industry in China, and needs more efforts and support, in particular the guidance and support of Government forces. Recommends that the national organic fertilizer in agricultural development planning development, developing relevant policies, first of all to encourage farmers to product and application of organicFertilizer: second vigorously development commodity organic fertilizer, policy Shang give offers, in human, and material, and financial Shang give support; third to increased on organic fertilizer research of input, Organization produced, and learn, and Institute mutual cooperation, technology research solution organic fertilizer production in the of technology problem, further strengthening on commodity organic fertilizer of led; IV established sound of commodity organic fertilizer of industry standard and national standards, specification commodity organic fertilizer industrialization of production and management, while also to established national organic fertilizer fertilizer industrialization related community organization, To address related issues in the development of organic fertilizer industry in a timely manner, conducive to sustained and healthy development of organic fertilizer industry