Attention Safety Green Agriculture Development

China is a large agricultural country, grain output to achieve growth year after year. We also see that application of chemical fertilizer in China ranked first in the world, the current agricultural pursuits the yield per unit area, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and fertilizer utilization rate shows a decreasing trend, showed a trend of increased fertilizer application amount. Data show increase of the consumption of chemical fertilizers in China far exceeded the increase in food production. Some problems with the excessive application of fertilizers, increasing considerably in recent years. "The decline in soil fertility, a large number of soil compaction, acidification, degradation phenomenon, crop and low utilization of fertilizers, soil-borne diseases are emerging, affecting the quality of agricultural products. In addition, the excessive application of fertilizers has increased greenhouse gas emissions, a lot of fertilizers with water flowing into the groundwater, causing pollution of water resources. The unreasonable application of fertilizers, agricultural production and cause great damage to the environment. "National fertilizer group Secretary General Zhang Xiaobiao pointed out in the report.
Chief expert of the national agro-technical extension and Service Center Gao Xiangzhao, in its "' one two minus ' thinking about" report, when he analysed the current agricultural situation, "said one of two minus three basic" is the goal of China's agricultural future. By 2020, China's agriculture to achieve control of total water use in agriculture; reduce fertilizer and pesticide usage, realization of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to maintain zero growth; basic resource utilization of livestock excrement, dead poultry all sound processing; basic realization of crop straw resource utilization, effective control of open burning of straw; essential agricultural input packages and waste plastic film recovery. It is worth mentioning that, at the Ministry of agriculture issued documents and first, in the middle of this year, respectively, referred to the need for the development of bio-fertilizer.
"Bio fertilizer compared with conventional fertilizers, bio-fertilizer on ecological protection, soil improvement, utilization of agricultural wastes, improving fertilizer use efficiency, increase crop yield and quality have greater advantages, is an environmental friendly fertilizers. In view of the above advantages of microbiological fertilizer, it is fully consistent with the sustainable development of agriculture in China, worth promoting. "Microbiological product quality supervision and testing center of the Ministry of agriculture (Wuhan) Director Liang Yunxiang, in its" Agricultural Microbiology technology in agriculture ' reduction ' role in "the report said.