Application Of Organic Fertilizer To Promote Agricultural Sustainable Development

To improve crop production and improved agricultural quality, and development green, and improved agricultural ecological environment, enhanced agricultural stamina and carried out has on organic fertilizer of research. increased Shi organic fertilizer to wide new manure, reasonable utilization city fertilizer, treasure, vigorously development to pig mainly of livestock, expanded green manure planting area, promotion straw also field. organic fertilizer is China agricultural of "heirloom", increased Shi organic fertilizer not only can provides crop growth development by needed of various nutrient, also can improved soil, culture fertilizer to force, Promote soil nutrient of effective of, enhanced soil insurance fertilizer insurance water capacity, elimination or reduce using fertilizer, and pesticide and herbicide, on soil of pollution. Shi organic fertilizer species of crop not only production high, and quality good, and appearance beautiful, deeply people Pro-stare. soil is agricultural of based, fertilizer is crop of food, yield relies on culture fertilizer soil, culture fertilizer soil relies on organic fertilizer. paper through on organic fertilizer of application status for research, analysis exists of problem, then proposed some corresponding of measures, promote agricultural sustainable development.