Microbial Organic Fertilizer
Microbial Organic Fertilizer
Product Details

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Specifications :  

ApperienceGranule; Powder

Composite Bacillus≥200 million / g;

(Bacillus names: Jelly bacillus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis)

Organic matter≥50%;

PH: 5.5-8

Application result of thHighly Effective Organic Microbial Fertilizer 


Product features:

1. Antibacterial and disease resistance.

This product is rich in a variety of microorganisms, after the use of rapid group to block harmful flora and crop contact, forming a protective wall, and devour harmful bacteria, soil purification, to avoid the incidence of soil borne diseases.

2. Improve quality and yield.

This product is in the process of breeding produce cytokines, organic acids, amino acids, polysaccharides, gibberellin and other plant growth substances, trace elements lack of growth of the crop root growth, seedling quality and yield.

3. Activating fertilizer effect.

Nitrogen in soil is the most easily lost, while phosphorus and potassium are not easy to absorb. The strong motor function of this product can activate phosphorus and potassium, and surround nitrogen, which can improve fertilizer efficiency.

4. Loosening the soil and promoting root.

The activity of this product can improve soil, loosen, harden, improve soil fertility, and play a penetrating role, and promote root growth.

5. Maintain fertilizer and water

Activation of soil components and the decomposition of organic matter in soil into humus to improve soil fertility and water holding capacity.

6. Add cytokinin:

Promote cell division and regulation of its differentiation. Two is to delay the degradation of protein and chlorophyll, delay aging.

7. Add strong cell activating agent to improve cell viability.

To speed up the growth rate, break dormancy and promote the growth and development of fruit, flower and fruit drop, prevent fruit shrink, improve product quality, increase yield, improve crop resistance, insect resistance, drought, waterlogging, cold resistance, alkali resistance, lodging resistance.

8. Add water retaining agent.

After activation per kg fertilizer in irrigation or rain can be stored repeatedly absorbing 20 pounds of water, then dry slowly release, absorbed by plants, the equivalent of a small underground reservoir, improve soil water retention and fertilizer.

Usage and Dosage:

1.     Basal dressing: Uniform fill into crop land hole or line under soil. 50kg-75kg per Ha


2.     Top dressing: Uniform fill into crop land hole or line under soil:

Cotton, Corn, wheat etc crop land: 150kg per Ha

Vegetables: 90kg-120kg per Ha

Fruit trees:

Flowering period

    1-3 years old trees: 15kg-30kg per Ha, 

    4-12 years old trees: 30kg-75kg per Ha. 

    Above 13 years old trees: 45kg-90kg per Ha

  Fruit stigmas period: 30kg-45kg per Ha.


Applicable crop:

Suitable for vegetables, fruits, vegetables, cauliflower, rhizome and other vegetable crops; cherry, peach, plum, apricot, apple, pear, walnut and other fruit crops; wheat, corn and cotton, medicine, tobacco, tea, mulberry, hemp and other crops.



This product contains a large amount of beneficial living bacteria, which should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. When preservation time too long, the white mycelium is normal phenomenon, does not affect the fertilizer effect;