Liquid Micro Calcium Water Soluble Bio Fertilizer
Liquid Micro Calcium Water Soluble Bio Fertilizer
Product Details

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Liquid Calcium organic fertilizer
Purity  ≥99%
pure Calcium content  ≥160g / L
Product Benefits:
Liquid potassium using a special process, contains highly effective active agent, can improve absorption and utilization of potassium, margin effective treatment of crops due to potassium deficiency causes yellowing, leaf curling, stunting, shattering, poor quality, premature aging and other phenomena, and can play to improve the quality of fruits and yield.
Fruit set, enlargement of the administration can significantly improve fruit set, so that the fruit sugar content increased significantly, greatly increasing the content of vitamin c, increasing skin hardness and storage time easy to transport, but also can enhance disease resistance of crops, reducing the occurrence of disease, save pesticides investment, increase production and lay a solid foundation.
Pure Calcium content: Calcium content  ≥160g / L.
Water-soluble fine: cold water can quickly dissolve, add water can be any deployment.
Absorption and utilization of high: adding active auxiliaries, absorption and utilization of more than 90%.
Easy mixed use: PH neutral mixed with most pesticides and foliar use.
Fruit, vegetables, field crops, cash crops, herbs, flowers, etc.
How to use
Foliar Spray
Drip: Cotton, fruit trees and vegetables The dosage of each 1 kg per acre
The seed: Vegetables, wheat, corn, rice, cotton, rapeseed, peanut and other crops available potassium fluid diluted 800-1000 times by 12 hours later will remove dry can sow seeds

cropsThe use of multipleUse the time
The fruit trees2000-3000timesSeedling stage \ swelling stage all can use
vegetables1500-2000timesBefore and after flowering, grouting period all can use

1, Stored in a cool dry place, ban to human and animal exposure.
2, Avoid directly sunlight at noon spraying.
3, Can be mixed with most pesticides used, and mutually reinforcing.
(Except strong acids bases pesticides)
4, High concentration of products, used in moderation, not less than 1000 dilution.
5. The fertilizer registration management approach the provisions of Chapter II, Article 14, this product is exempt from registration a single trace elements in fertilizers.