Liquid Humic Acid Mix Trace Elements Biofertilizer
Liquid Humic Acid Mix Trace Elements Biofertilizer
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Humic acid plus Trace Elements
Organic matter≥55g/L
Humic acid≥50g/L    
EDTA Zn≥5g/L   
EDTA Mg≥10g/L    
EDTA Mo≥5g/L 
EDTA Cu≥1g/L
Additives: moderate
This product is widely applicable to all crops and field crops entire life cycle.
Humic acid and trace elements in raw materials used in all water soluble, water-soluble absorption better, faster and more comprehensive, enabling the crop plant growth robust, dark green leaves, improve 
photosynthetic efficiency, reduce shattering, It can improve fruit set and increase picking the number
of fruit color bright, improve quality and enhance disease resistance and other drought-resistant 
residues cold drop capability, can effectively prevent or reduce the size of the yellow leaves,
fire wind(garlic),dry heart, soft rot, heart rot, stiff leaves, leaf margin scorch plants stunting, 
yellowing between the veins and other physiological diseases occur. Provide comprehensive 
crop nutrients needed for growth, especially for the various crops of flowers, fruit, leaves of the growing season, also apply to nutritional supplements after flowering fruits and fruit growing, the crop grew well, significantly increase production, crop seedling transplanting use can quickly turn green, 
shorten recovery improve the survival rate, the use of this product allows the crop yield 20-50%.
How to use:
Spraying: 1000-1200 fold dilution of about 7-15 days, spray once;
Depending on the crop, the nutritional deficiencies serious soil redouble use.
Store in a cool dry place, out of the reach of children, avoid contact with livestock.
Agglomeration does not affect fertility.
It can be mixed with most pesticides, except pesticides acid and alkali.