Storage method

1. prevent damp spoilage: Ammonium bicarbonate easily absorb moisture, causing nitrogen volatilization; strong Hygroscopicity of ammonium nitrate, agglomeration, deliquescence; lime nitrogen and moisture-absorbent and easy caking SSP affect effect. Therefore, these fertilisers should be stored in a dry, cool place, especially storage of Ammonium bicarbonate packing to seal a solid, avoid contact with air.
2. fire avoiding the Sun: after Sun or high humidity, the nitrogen fertilizer, will speed up the volatilization of nitrogen losses; case of high temperature decomposition of ammonium nitrate and oxygen, combustibles burn lumps do not use a hammer blow to prevent explosions. Nitrogen fertilizer storage should avoid the Sun, no pyrotechnics, not to items such as diesel oil, kerosene, firewood stacked together.
3. non-volatile losses: losses of ammonia, ammonium hydrogen carbonate is extremely easy in recent volatile storage when sealed. Nitrogen fertilizers, superphosphate and alkaline substances is strictly prohibited (lime, ash, and so on) mixed stacking to prevent nitrogen fertilizer losses and reduce the effect of phosphate fertilizer.
4. corrosion-resistant poison: SSP is corrosive to prevent contact with the skin, metal appliances; ammonia have a strong corrosive to copper, iron, preferably stored in a ceramic, plastic or wooden container. In addition, fertilizer with the seed stacked together, also do not use fertilizer bags of seeds, so as not to affect seed germination.