Difference between compound fertilizers and compound fertilizers

(1) standard: the State quality and technology supervision law, compound fertilizer production standards are compulsory standards of the compound fertilizer. Production of compound fertilizer implementation are drawn up by the manufacturer to complete evacuation of the enterprise standards of the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision for the record.
(2) production: the compound fertilizer production technology is relatively simple, usually urea and calcium superphosphate and potassium chloride by means of mechanical mixing process, there is generally no need to use expensive chemical production equipment. Chemical reaction is used in the production process of compound fertilizer made of complete this process requires sophisticated technology and high value chemical equipment (3) different forms of supervision and management: due to the production of compound fertilizer without expensive equipment, shoddy, it is relatively easy to imitate. To protect the farmers ' interests, the State quality and technology supervision departments to implement the supervision and administration of production license for industrial products. Fertilizer production without this certificate.