Classification of bio-fertilizer

According to current microbial fertilizer products and types of analysis can be divided into two categories:
(1) contained microorganisms life activity, increase the supply of plant nutrition, including soil and plant nutrients in your production environment, supply and the effective supply of plant nutrients, leading to improvements in nutritional status of plants, and production increased, this category represents the variety of microbial fertilizer fertilizers is Rhizobium.
(2) its products although is through which by containing of microbial life activities of key role led to crop yield, but which microbial life activities of key role not limited to improve plant of elements nutrition supply level, including has they by produced of plant growth stimulus pigment on plant of stimulus role, promote plant on nutrient of absorption role, or is has antagonistic anti-some disease original microbial of pathogenic role, reduce crop pest and led to production increased. Species and products of such micro-organisms are more complicated. But with the development of research, these microorganisms and their products will be more reasonable, scientific attribution, classification.