Biological fertilizer

What is based on organic matter of biological fertilizer biological fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer mixed with bacteria and mixed together. To widely improve the situation of such a general and traditional, biological fertilizer products far beyond existing concepts. It will be expanded to not only provide crop nutrient and soil improvement and should also sterilize soil, namely the use of biological (mostly microbial) decomposition and elimination of pesticides in the soil (insecticides and fungicides), herbicides, as well as petrochemical products such as pollutants, and repair to the soil.
Bio-fertilizers in narrow sense, refers to microbial (bacterial) fertilizer, fertilizer for short, also known as microbial Inoculants. It is made with a special performance of microbial ferment (human culture), contains a lot of useful microbial, after the fertilizer into the soil, or can fix nitrogen from the air, or activate the nutrients in the soil, improving plant nutrition environment, or during the process of microorganisms life activity, active substances, specific microbial products that stimulate plant growth.
General fertilizer generally refers to the use of biotechnology to produce, on crops with specific growth (or stimulus is an effect) of biological agents, their active ingredients can be a specific living organism or metabolites, biological transformation of matrix structures, the organism can be micro-organisms, or it can be animal and plant tissues and cells. Bio-fertilizers and chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers, as is the importance of agriculture in the production of manure. Due to the large number of unjustified use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, not only a large number of non-renewable resources, and destroys the soil structure and pollutes agricultural product quality and the environment, affect human health and survival. Therefore, from advocating modern agricultural production of green agriculture and ecological agriculture development of trends, does not pollute the environment-friendly bio-fertilizer, will play an important role in future agricultural production.