​ Cube field can concentrate organic fertilizer

Cube field can effectively extract concentrated manure from livestock and poultry manure, a variety of element organic compound active organic manure, plant saponins and magnetite powders and other ingredients scientifically formulated blend, drying, crushing and screening, through frequency of 10MHz made of high-frequency electric field. This organic fertilizer Zhao Bing and Zhang Yongfei, researcher of experts after years of trial and developed an organic fertilizer. This organic fertilizer first will multidimensional field can principle introduced fertilizer production, increased has fertilizer component of molecular field can, it first reflected has high frequency farm and magnetite powder on variety elements composite real of magnetization role, to improve crop on large elements and trace elements absorption rate; second also reflected has in plant SOAP glycosides organic activity agent to water dissolved State will has plant nutrition role of fertilizer elements rich set to crop of root, easy plant of absorption using; these are full reflected has organic agricultural of production thought. Application of multidimensional field can concentrate organic fertilizer will not only improve plant yields and improved crop quality. Multidimensional effects of concentrated organic fertilizer can be used for crops, fertilizer and foliar fertilizer