Highly Effective Compound Microbial Fertilizer Powder
Highly Effective Compound Microbial Fertilizer Powder
Product Details

Compound Microbial Fertilizer Powder


Compound Microbial Fertilizer Powder is 100% water soluble, 

it can be used as foliar spray give satisfied result.

Product Specification:


Composite Bacillus≥200 million / g;

(Bacillus names: Jelly bacillus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis)

Organic matter ≥50%

NPK ≥8%-25%

Continuous cropping resistance ≥1%


Microelement ≥5%


Product Functions:


The dosage is small, the effect is good!

Output increases 20%, fertilizer use reduce 30 %!

The effective living fungus reaches 200 million!


1.     Enhance the nutrient absorption of crops and increase soil organic matter content.


2.     It is rich in nutrition, high and fast function, long-lasting and easy to absorb.


3.     It is rich in nitrogen-fixing bacteria, dephosphorization factor and potassium factor, which can improve

 the utilization of fertilizer and reduce the use of fertilizer.


4.     After fertilization, the soil enzyme activity is enhanced, which is beneficial to nutrient conversion, 

which can enhance the resistance of crops, increase production amplitude, improve the quality of 

agricultural products, and improve economic efficiency.


5.     Anti - stubble: to prevent the soil borne diseases caused by the planting of heavy stubble.


6.     Prevent nematodes: purify the soil, effectively inhibit the underground pests such as the root 

junction line worm and grubs.


7.     No-deep tillage: soil microstructure accelerators avoid soil slabs and deepen the ploughing layer.


8.     Promote rooting: promote root growth, roots grow long and stem grow strong, and improve resistance.


      9. Improve fruit quality: promote sweet and good color fruits, prevent premature aging, early listing,

      extend the harvest period, pollution-free and high yield.



Usage and Dosage:

1.     Basal dressing: Uniform fill into crop land hole or line under soil. 50kg-75kg per Ha


2.     Top dressing: Uniform fill into crop land hole or line under soil:

      Cotton, Corn, wheat etc crop land: 150kg per Ha

      Vegetables: 90kg-120kg per Ha

      Fruit trees:

      Flowering period

    1-3 years old trees: 15kg-30kg per Ha,

    4-12 years old trees: 30kg-75kg per Ha. 

     Above 13 years old trees: 45kg-90kg per Ha

      Fruit stigmas period30kg-45kg per Ha.


Applicable crop:

Suitable for vegetables, fruits, vegetables, cauliflower, rhizome and other vegetable crops; cherry, peach, 

plum, apricot, apple, pear, walnut and other fruit crops; wheat, corn and cotton, medicine, tobacco, tea, 

mulberry, hemp and other crops.



This product contains a large amount of beneficial living bacteria, which should avoid prolonged 

exposure to sunlight. When preservation time too long, the white mycelium is normal phenomenon, 

does not affect the fertilizer effect;

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