Fulvic Acid Organic Fertilizer
Fulvic Acid Organic Fertilizer
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Appearancebrown powderbrown powder
FAS(dry basis)70.0% min80.0% min
Water soluble (dry basis)95.0% min95.0% min
Residue on sieve (0.5mm)5.0%max5.0%max

1. Foliar applications
1) Apply 1000gram in 100kgs of water for 1000square meters, mix with micro nutrients or without.
2) Spray or Drip irrigation: 1:5000times, 100g per 1000m2, applied alone or mix with trace elements
2. Soil application
1) Drip Irrigation: Apply 1000g per 1000square meters ; Spray : 1000g in 1000kgs of water, mix with other fertilizer or without.
2) 1000 times dilution for spray or drip irrigation, 1000g per 1000m2 , applied alone or mix with our other trace elements fertilizers. For more trace elements fertilizers options, you can go over our full product lists for refer.
In 25kgs circle paper drum with plastic lining or in 25kg net plastic woven bags with PVC lining.