EDTA Chelate Mg Trace Element Fertilizer
EDTA Chelate Mg Trace Element Fertilizer
Product Details

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EDTA Micro Nutrient Mg  

EDTA Chelate Mg Trace Element Fertilizer
Shanghai Bi Jun Biotech Co.,Ltd, a leading manufacturer in the chelated micro nutrients market.  
We offer a full range of chelated and non-chelated trace elements, in solid and liquid form. Our solid EDTAs are produced using a unique patented micro-granulation process. The result is a homogeneous, dust-free, free flowing strawberry-shaped product which dissolves easily. We use the same process for our compounds and for our unique biodegradable EDDHA chelates . EDDHA and DTPA are also available as iron chelates. The compounds can be ordered tailor-made and can contain a mixture of different chelates and sulphates in each microgranule.
EDTA is a chelate tech which protects nutrients against precipitation in a moderate pH Range  
(pH 4 - 6.5). Mainly used for nourishing plants in fertigation systems, it works as an ingredient for NPK.  
EDTA chelates will not injure leaf tissue; contrarily it is ideal for foliar spraying to nourish the plant. EDTA chelates are produced using a unique micro-granulation process. This method guarantees a micro granule that is free flowing, dust-free and caking-free, and easily soluble.
Chemical/Physical Data

Product NameEDTA MgNa2 ;Mg disodium EDTA
Molecular Formula.C10H12N2O8MgNa2
MOL. W.T.358.50
CAS NO.14402-88-1
AppearancePure White Powder. Free Flowing
Chemical Composition
Mg Content6%±0.3%
Physical Properties
PH (1% w/v Solution)5.5-7.5
Water InsolubleNo more than 0.01%
CHLORIDES (Cl) & SULPHATE(SO4)%No more than 0.05%

Packed in complex bag or kraft bag with plastic inner, 25KG per bag. Available in packages of 1,000 kg, 25 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg and 1 kg.
Dosing instructions/Fertigation

Kg/1.0 l waterMagnesium(Mg) content g / 1.0 l /ppmM mol / l

Recommended CropsBerries, Nut Crops, Grain and Other Crops, Vegetables, Trees and Fruit Crops
Use Rates and TimingEDTA Ca can be used with pivot, sprinkler, overhead, drip and solid set irrigation. For the best results apply within 2 weeks of planting and before flowering using 0.5 to 2 pounds per acre or the dosage rates and timing as recommended for each crop. A maintenance application for strawberries is 0.5 to 1 pound per 100 plants. The products can be mixed with most liquid fertilizers or pesticides before injection into the irrigation water. Use a back-flow check valve to prevent the material from getting in the water supply.
PrecautionsAvoid extreme temperatures. Keep in original packing. Keep in a dry place.